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February 15, 2016


My name's Brett Prusinski. I grew up in Buffalo, New York. "The city that made me..." 
Ever since I was a little kid all I can remember is wanting to be an entertainer. I loved to entertain people. I knew I had a deep passion inside of me. I knew I wanted to be great. I was not average, I couldn't be average. I had some sort of calling. At a young age I wanted the spot light, I made youtube videos everyday in my spare time and actually found short lived success. I tried my hand at film making, even started a film group that worked on numerous projects that caught the eye of those in the community with documentaries, and short films including some that went on to win awards and were featured in local media outlets and film festivals. Every weekday morning before dawn I'd wake up then catch the metro bus to my high school, Performing Arts. On the ride while looking out the window, I would listen to my music and fall into my own zone, taking in my city. The people. The architecture. The atmosphere. This time to myself allowed me to realize what I wanted in life the bigger picture. My early days of high school I was a lonely shepherd you could say. I kept to myself for the most part. I would go to school, come home and go right on the computer and invest my time that way. I remember at one point of my life most of my friends were all online only. Making videos allowed me to really learn to open up and express myself. It gave me creativity, I used to make alot of little sketches and web series. I would have to write up a video idea, act out all the characters, think out the camera angles. Import all the footage, edit. This was my everyday life. The way I kept myself busy. I was fortunate enough as a little kid to make an income of some sort off doing strictly something I truly loved. Moving forward, people get older, interests change. I was no longer the shy kid, I had friend groups with many different types of folks. This is where my true appreciation for music was. I remember growing up I never liked hip hop music to much, I was a rock kind of guy. Even had a period of time where I was country bound. Going to concerts nearly every month with my mom. I'll always cherish these moments. My true love of hip hop prob came when I was in high school. As much as I tried, I could never find myself at school on time and for the folks that were fashionably late we had special dates after school in detention...YAY! Well after we got out of detention, a group of kids always met up and hung out, listened to music. Mainly instrumentals and free styled like no tomorrow. I remember being the odd ball who sat in on the fun but never participated. Until one day they said "white boy, what you got?" I recall being nervous as hell and I think I spit some of the most god awful bars you can imagine. They never made me feel awkward about it, they laughed, they didn't care. Hell, a few even said I should keep working on it. In my head at the time, I probably shrugged it off...Well I was overlooking my true passion. When I would be by myself literally every night I use to listen to instrumentals off the internet faithfully. It wasn't until my 3 year relationship had ended and I was facing internal battles and heartbreak that I found my release. I decided to take the negative vibes and energy I had built up and put it to work. I became very active in music, started putting my thoughts on paper and as cliche as it sounds one thing lead to another. 


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